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one unit of blood saves

3 Lives

The Power of


I give so others


Why do people give blood? Because they like to help others – and because giving feels amazing. In busy, complicated times, giving blood is an easy, meaningful way to make a difference. In fact, this simple gift can enhance the lives of up to three people. Giving blood only takes about one relaxing hour, and we – and your body – do all of the work. Take a look at our Blood-O-Meter to the right to see what types of blood are in short supply. Remember,  blood is a gift – straight from the heart. Your heart. Please share it today!

O POS 114
A POS 26
B POS 64
O NEG 68
A NEG 43
B NEG 16

How can I help?

There are so many ways you can make sure the blood supply in our area stays strong. Please check out the following options to find the best ways for you to give.


Is there a blood drive near me?

To find out where you can donate blood through a local drive, click here!


Pints of blood used daily in hospitals across the United States

Number of gallons of blood one person can donate in their lifetime

Usable substitutes for human blood