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Static Menu Boards

UniStructures views the specifications and requirements from every customer as unique. Our objective is to understand your challenges and work with your designers to create the best solution for you providing the highest levels of flexibility and value possible.

Our custom designed "H-Bar" grid system, unique translite hold-down system and interlocking weatherproof extrusions join forces to create the ultimate static menu boards. For interior or exterior, freestanding, canopy or wall mounted, these systems offer multiple lighting systems, day-parting, and custom wings and toppers to provide the ultimate solution for your menu needs.


Patented Pivoting Canopy

UniStructures manufactures over 20 different pivoting canopy styles for 25 QSR brands. Available in fabric, flat aluminum panel, and standing seam aluminum panels, these units are available with arched, flat, slanted, pointed, and swoosh top or custom designed for your specific brand image design.

All of our pivoting canopies utilize our patented self-returning design to protect your drive thru window and the canopy itself from damage by over height vehicles. Our pivoting canopies are designed to protect your customer from the sun and inclement weather, while providing a strong brand image to your audience. You protect your customer from the elements, and increase drive thru revenue while improving the customer experience and satisfaction.


Patented Clearance Bar

UniStructures currently manufactures over 8 different clearance bar styles for 15 QSR's. Available in virtually any color, painted or powder coated, these unique units utilize the UniStructures' patented self-returning technology to prevent oversize vehicles from entering or becoming trapped in the drive thru. By pivoting out of the way when hit by a vehicle, they reduce the potential damage to the vehicle and to the clearance bar itself. After the initial impact, they pivot out of the way and then, using our patented gravity fed design, automatically return to their original position and continue their protection.

These devices can be custom designed for your specific brand image. UniStructures' design personnel will be happy to work with you to develop your brand specific design.


Custom Designed Image Item

UniStructures created an extension of the manufacturing departments to address the demand for unique image items for interior and exterior QSR applications. Our design team and CAD developers join forces with the brand construction leaders to create one of a kind and replicable "specialty" brand items. These may be as unique as a custom building "swoosh" or "eyebrow" or as common as a custom full building front canopy or rear dining area cover.

UniStructures treats them all as seriously as any of our standard products. Kiosks, image design elements, and custom building canopies are all handled in our specialty design department of our manufacturing division.


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The USI Story: "Drive Thru Solutions Experts"

UniStructures was founded in Kennesaw, Georgia in 1995 by Michael Barnes to service the QSR industry and become the go-to experts in their drive-thru environment. Michael’s vision to provide innovative, best-in-class drive thru components and image item solutions for QSR's was counter intuitive to the existing approach where drive thru components were not designed for future conversion and provided little functionality, ease of use, or serviceability.

Michael combined his previous 15 years of experience in the sign industry with team members bringing expertise in engineering, design, manufacturing, installation, and customer service. As a result, UniStructures initially developed and patented the first pivoting / self-returning canopy system for the drive thru to protect customers from the elements and to promote the specific brand image.   Continued...