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Evans G. Edwards

Legal Assistant
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Evans Edwards is an attorney in Gentry Locke’s Workers’ Compensation group. Evans previously served as an associate attorney with several law firms. He also served as an attorney advisor with the FBI’s National Security Law Branch. A native of Roanoke, Evans earned his law degree from Yale Law School and graduated summa cum laude with honors from Washington & Lee University with a B.A. degree in Economics.

  • Rank in graduating class at W&L
  • Number of fire and EMS responses completed
  • Incredible children
  • Years married to high school sweetheart
  • After 9/11, you left the practice of law and worked for 10 years as a firefighter and medic. How are these careers connected?

    In all honesty not that closely, other than that both involve an attempt to bring order to what might otherwise be chaos. And, in that, there is the pursuit of justice. I was always impressed by the model of social justice embodied in the fire service, where the best firefighters often serve the most impoverished areas in a community, and all firefighters answer every call without regard to the caller’s status. In the law, there is the challenge of taking a problem that is complex or chaotic and applying a set of rules to identify the best solution and achieve a just result.

  • What are you most excited about when you come to work each day?

    I like to be around smart people – it motivates me and I feel fully engaged. Between my colleagues at Gentry Locke and the clients I work with, I’ve definitely got “smart” covered!

  • What’s the one thing you cannot do without to make your day a success?

    On a very basic level – lots of coffee. It’s also how I managed the long commute after I moved back to Roanoke (my hometown) but continued to work in Fairfax County as a fireman. Now that I’m settled in Roanoke and at Gentry Locke with only a 5 minute commute, let’s hope I can cut back!


  • Yale Law School, J.D. 1996
  • Washington & Lee University, B.A. in Economics, summa cum laude with honors, 1993


  • Member of defense team that successfully suppressed edited audiotapes in labor racketeering case which ended in an acquittal of client on all counts.  U.S. v. Wardlaw, 977 F. Supp. 1481 (N.D. Ga. 1997)
  • Prior to joining the FBI, was senior associate in defense of corporate controller in prosecution brought by federal Corporate Fraud Task Force that resulted in acquittal of controller on all counts at trial
  • Participated in numerous internal investigations and corporate compliance reviews.
    Past litigation experience includes federal criminal defense, products liability, employment, and antitrust matters


  • Member, Virginia State Bar
  • Former Member, State Bar of Georgia (1996-2010)