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The results of client matters depend on a variety of factors unique to each matter. Past successes do not predict or guarantee future successes.

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Gentry Locke is a dynamic group of staff and attorneys who are fiercely driven to provide responsive service and uncommon thinking to achieve success for our clients. Given our 90+ years of experience encompassing diverse capabilities, closely held businesses trust us to provide solutions that meet or exceed their business and litigation needs.

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  • In a lot of cases, you feel like you're not talking to an attorney but a business advisor; someone that is understanding all aspects of an issue.
  • They're just good people. They work hard and really get in with you and figure out a good game plan, what needs to be done, but they do it in a very down-to-earth way so you feel [you’ve] got a good team behind you.
  • Without going into too much detail, they kicked our butts. They were a formidable opponent, and when I joined an in-house team that needed counsel in Virginia, I used them.
  • They do a fabulous job continuing to stay in touch with us and really building that relationship, not just waiting for us to come to them. They're a trusted partner.
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