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Providing innovative solutions to increasingly complex environmental issues

Businesses in Virginia have come to trust in the specialized experience of Gentry Locke for increasingly complex environmental issues.

There is probably no greater “hot button” in the business world today than environmental issues and the legal disputes they create. Climate change, the green movement, and changing enforcement attitudes have created unprecedented pressures on transactional aspects of business, and these pressures will only increase as businesses are forced to comply with an ever-increasing volume of regulation. Very few firms in the region have meaningful experience with environmental law, which requires keeping a watchful eye on evolving state and federal laws and regulations.

All the more reason to rely on Gentry Locke for innovative solutions and sometimes uncommon approaches to solving your environmental issues. Over the years, we have developed productive relationships with federal, state, and local agencies and decision-makers. These relationships, and the credibility that we’ve earned with the agencies, helps us to navigate the controlling regulations and more efficiently represent our clients.

Businesses and referring attorneys alike seek Gentry Locke’s counsel and representation based on our experience with various issues:

  • Voluntary clean-ups
  • Landowner reclamation of previously contaminated land for productive reuse
  • Business transactions involving the purchase and sale of brownfield real estate and its development and renewal
  • Civil and criminal enforcement proceedings related to actual or potential contamination of water, soil, or air. These may involve the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), and other federal, state, and local agencies
  • Exposure to certain chemical constituents that result in personal injury and property damages, frequently referred to as “toxic torts.” We provide legal services to those associated with the cause of such damages or injuries. We also represent those suffering from its effects

When adverse environmental conditions result from catastrophic and otherwise unexpected circumstances, environmental laws frequently require immediate response.

We are adept at advising clients in the midst of a crisis regarding their obligations and the most beneficial ways of complying with environmental rules.

Gentry Locke has relationships with qualified technical professionals and contractors, who can form an emergency response team that provides comprehensive emergency on-site services to our clients.

We encourage you to review our Environmental Practice Group attorneys’ personal pages for additional information and then contact us to discuss your company’s legal needs

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